Posted by: Objective Scrutator | January 18, 2011

The Greatest Cry For America Of All Time

Words simply do not do this song justice. If the the rest of this nation had even a thousandth of the patriotism and love that this couple had, Jesus could send everyone in it to heaven.

The imagery in this song is truly beautiful; believe it or not, the liberals of our country harbor absolutely no knowledge on how to walk through an open door. The statement applies metaphorically, as liberals only care about helping lazy junkies and the generally worthless; yet it also applies literally, as liberals are always too intoxicated or ‘blotto’ to even get from point A to point B without incident. However, my favorite image of this song deals with hunting skunks. Sarah Palin has undoubtedly slaughtered many a skunk for glory and perhaps ecumenical reasons, and knows that exterminating a skunk will cleanse the entire area for a period of time. This is exactly what needs to happen to Washington; at the risk of being politically incorrect, dare I say that the American people are beginning to take their imagery in a literal sense? Dare I say that this change is a good thing for America?

How do we know that words mean anything? Coming from Democrats, RINOs, Harvard lawyers, and the rest of the Profligates, they certainly don’t; yet when they resound from Tea Party Christians such as Sarah Palin, these words bring comfort and a sense of resolve. When Sarah Palin says she is going to do something, she is going to do it. The song hints that she’ll throw all of Congress in jail (of course excluding obvious patriots such as Steve King and Jim DeMint); by stating this, she puts forth an ultimatum to Congress to stop taxing the American people, persecuting the successful, and promoting godless Ivy League fornicatorial values over the values of the Heartland.

One point which may confuse newer Tea Partiers, and will certainly confuse the Dissolute is that the song hints that it will be “cold as hell” when Sarah takes office. This is NOT an implication that a Palin presidency would be hell; rather, it emphasizes that as a member of the executive branch, she would be the executor of God’s plan and the executor of the demons who oppose God’s rule. What Palin and Satan both have in common is that they are both servants of God; however, as a willing servant of God, Palin should be honored.

God bless this couple, God bless Sarah Palin, God bless America, and God bless all of the bears who still hunt skunks.


  1. The patriotism here is simply beautiful.
    How we strayed away from our Christian roots is beyond me, but it is clearly the fault of the dirty, pot smoking liberals.
    They listen to music based off of sex and drugs and dare pray in the name of Jesus?!
    Jesus is not love, Jesus is the wrath of god given a physical manifestation. Jesus is the one that will smite all the homosexuals, and the hipsters, and the Amanda Palmers of the world.
    But this-
    this is art. THIS is beauty. How can one ignore the loveliness of our great nation with a song like this?
    They may be horrible singers, they may be ugly, but I’ll sooner be a homosexual than admit that they are not the great patriots this nation needs.
    PS: How can we do away with the Jews and the black people without going to jail? They clearly present a problem, and a Black Jewish Lesbian Woman is the one that will bring us all down, should she ever be accepted into a position of power.
    For, as I’m sure you all know, women are not good for anything. If it wasn’t for that bitch Mary Wollenstonecraft and Susan B. Anthony, they would still be rotting in the kitchens where they belong.

  2. A telling elitist commentary, Chanson. Philosophically, your visitation is a boon to this site.

  3. Great post, OS. Interestingly, Bill O’Reilly had a similar commentary on this subject, on his “Factor” program, less than 24 hours following your post.

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