Posted by: Objective Scrutator | November 3, 2010

The Explicitly Anti-Patriotic Are Regretting Treason In Eternal Suffering

Yes, my friends, the nitwits who would dare vote against America’s finest piece of legislation in the 21st century, the PATRIOT Act, are finally getting their comeuppance: The only Senator to rebel against President Bush’s irrefudiating wisdom during the original PATRIOT Act, Russ Feingold, has been trounced in his bid for re-election. Feingold is well known for being a civil libertarian treefrog of the worst measure, but I think that it should be known that God is punishing him specifically due to his support of 9/11 and his refusal to acknowledge that those who have done nothing wrong have nothing to hide.

However, some liberals have clearly regressed to the level of the Original Treefrog since the renewal of the PATRIOT Act. Let’s see how God has punished each of those who voted against its renewal (aside from Feingold, who I have already mentioned):

Daniel Akaka – still present, but will soon be struck down by old age; called out as an ineffectual idiot
Jeff Bingaman – retired
Robert Byrd – struck down by the LORD for his various crimes
Tom Harkin – will soon have his precious Americans With Disabilities Act struck down by Rand Paul and a Republican Congress
Jim Jeffords – God gave his wife cancer as punishment for being a traitor to God’s Party and for this vote
Pat Leahy – Symbolically killed by The Joker to foreshadow his ignoble demise
Carl Levin – given poor eyesight and subject to Jewish jokes
Patty Murray – may lose her Senate seat to Dino Rossi. If she doesn’t, then it was a clear warning from the LORD.
Ron Wyden – got his Socialist health care proposals laughed out of Congress

Four, maybe five, of the ten Senators who voted against the renewal of the PATRIOT Act have been booted out of office as divine retribution for their sins. Five, maybe four, others suffer or will suffer in various ways for this vote which they had not suffered previously. The final Senator, Carl Levin, follows the same false religion as Feingold does, and will be subject to due punishment within the cleansing fires of Hell.

The LORD clearly understands the necessity of securing Americans by any means necessary, and He punishes the most prominent voices against security severely. It is no coincidence that Barack Obama endorsed the PATRIOT Act of 2010, possibly because he is well aware of the LORD’s specific endorsement of this legislation. Nor is it any coincidence that Democrat votes were co-opted into voting for the legislation by including it in a health care bill, the Democrats’ crack cocaine. (The reasons the Democrats did this remains unclear to me; perhaps they tacitly recognize the reality of the LORD, and cowardly scamper towards Him for a brief moment in order to get their Socialist health care bill passed.) The Tea Party revolution we have witnessed is simply God’s punishment to liberals for rejecting the PATRIOT Act. Until they renounce their support for tacit Islamofascism, illegal immigration, their love of impersonating Red Cross members, and the rest of the nonsense the PATRIOT Act attempts to contain, then they will continue to suffer losses by the hands of God. That is a promise.


  1. I do wonder why we should even need the PATRIOT Act if we deal with evildoers correctly: preemptively and without negating useful tools such as racial and religious profiling or the death penalty in all circumstances. If the only people remaining in America are conservative Christians then we will not need such a large internal security force.

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