Posted by: Objective Scrutator | September 4, 2010

No More Debate About The Beheaded Infections The Sun Sucks Up

Jan Brewer has finally acknowledged what I have been stating all along _ that the Keynesian Bolshevist Aristarchusian Leftists are callous, vindictive demons, deserving of little more than scorn:

Arizona voters won’t be seeing any more debates between the top gubernatorial contenders.

Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer said Thursday she has no intention of participating in any more events with Democrat Terry Goddard. She said the only reason she debated him on Wednesday is she had to to qualify for more than $1.7 million in public funds for her campaign.

“I certainly will take my message in a different venue out to the people of Arizona,” she said.

Brewer said she has been in elective office for 28 years, and Goddard has held office for nearly that long. “I think it’s pretty defined what he stands for and what I stand for.”

Anyway, Brewer said, she believes the debates help Goddard more than they benefit her.

“Why would I want to give Terry a chance to redefine himself?” she said.

That’s the kind of talk I want to hear from our elected officials. Jan Brewer recognizes the follies of debating a Leftist; they’ll simply misrepresent your own viewpoint, and start slinging feces at you in manners which could only be described as execrable.

As concerns the subject of illegal immigration, there is only one observation a sensible person needs to make: they are illegal. As such, any plans to allow them to collect Socialist Security benefits, health care benefits, military protection, street lighting, or anything else provided by the tax payer dole are not merely unreasonable; such arguments should be excluded from debate entirely, whether by compliance, by statue, or by the non-existant Constitution.

Allowing statements which embolden and abet our enemies would be akin to having a discussion about whether murder is legal, or whether one plus one equals two (withholding special exceptions, such as the Triune). Not only is it morally wrong, but America’s citizens should be actively discouraging this immorality, lest they desire to have their towns overrun. Case in point: this idiot.

Of course that idiotic reporter couldn’t find any beheadings in the Arizona desert. That’s because the United Nations, the Obamas, the Clintons, and the rest of the boondoggling Left conspires to keep it a secret. I am sure that their sinister agents dispose of the bodies in a fairly gruesome manner, with one logical explanation being cannibalism. As leftists cover up everything which sounds remotely racist, ranging from Civil War revisionism to the mention of any foreigner being of poor convictions, we can certainly see this at work here. In the liberal’s case, their only premise is that beheadings make the Mexican community look terrible, and their conclusion is that the Mexican community does not partake in beheadings. This is a conclusion in which a reasoned, principled observer should see as nonsense.

Those who believe that debate must be had over Arizona SB 1070 must have the zipper drawn across the mouth by a government of patriotic Americans. There is simply no reasoning with supporters of amnesty or other conglomerates of Treehuggers, and if Jan Brewer’s the only person who recognizes this sordid fact, even if she has to hide her views from prying United Nations inspectors, then she should be the only person who is allowed to ascend to the Presidency. If you think that someone who doesn’t support our law enforcement, safe neighborhoods, or the protection of YOUR children deserve to have a public forum, then you ought to be viewed as a threat to our society.

May long-form birth certificates have actual meaning in our lives once again, and may America’s citizenry feel proud to display their long-form birth certificates to law enforcement in the same way a child feels proud to win the National Spelling Bee. God bless Jan Brewer.


  1. It is obvious that illegal Mexicans decapitate their victims and consume them. For this reason the Mexican words for “beer” and “head” are practically identical. They change them just enough to throw you off, but if you’re smart the similarity is obvious. I hear that American heads are the fashionable thing to drink in Nuevo Laredo.

  2. For this reason the Mexican words for “beer” and “head” are practically identical.

    ‘Cherry’, ‘ash’, and ‘certainty’ are similar words to ‘beer’ and ‘head’, as well. Thus, a logical sentence spoken by a Patrick Henry Patriot would be:

    “The beer drinking, cherry eating illegals ripped off the heads of their enemies, burned them, and ate their ashes. I say this with certainty.”

    In one of the many tongues spoken by the Devil, however, it would go:

    “El consumo de cerveza, comiendo cerezas ilegales arrancó las cabezas de sus enemigos, los quemaron, y se comió sus cenizas. Digo esto con certeza.”

    Jan Brewer had better put a stop to Satan-speak by any means necessary. The real question is whether she has the resolve, like Sarah Palin, to do so, or whether she is weak and poachable like the rest of the RINOs.

    I hear that American heads are the fashionable thing to drink in Nuevo Laredo.

    Or Brownsville, TX. Or Abilene, TX. Or El Paso, TX. Or just about any major city in Texas, with the exception of Amarillo. Now that securing the ranch of President Bush no longer helps out America, Texas is basically a lost cause.

  3. Couldn’t read that middle part, so I ran it through a translator.

    “The consumption of beer, eating cherries plucked illegal the heads of their enemies, burned, and ate the ashes. I say this with certainty. ”

    This is the madness that Spanish converts a perfectly lucid and rational American thought into. How can “the consumption of beer” “pluck” “heads” “illegal”? It doesn’t make sense. The mind of a Mexican must be a very strange place to be. If you thought thoughts like that, maybe cannibalism would start making sense.

    Make ‘em learn English, and we’ll see a little less decapitation and cannibalism, I bet. If they can learn English.

    English or no, though, I’m still against amnesty. Send ‘em back. What part of “illegal” don’t they understand? Build the danged fence.

  4. “This is the madness that Spanish converts a perfectly lucid and rational American thought into. How can “the consumption of beer” “pluck” “heads” “illegal”?”

    Admittedly, I got the words confused, myself. However, I think this speaks volumes as to the amount of deception the Spanish language attempts to engage in, not my own failings.

    Naturally, all illegal immigrants are deceptive. Satan was a con man, as was Houdini, Penn & Teller, P.T. Barnum, those human cloners in The Prestige,and those Australian Darwinists behind the coral reefs. All of the mortal men should have been executed by the United States of Christ, rather than have been permitted to continue their lives of lying. That is why I propose that we either force the illegals into a guest worker program, in which they can be put on the market to be sold at the highest bid possible, or we just start recruiting citizens to shoot them point blank if they don’t have their papers.

    Republicans and conservatives remain divided on this issue. I trust in the 2006 Senate’s plan to sell illegals to the highest bidder, while my wife believes in the 2006 House’s plan of extermination. Sadly, neither of these plans are acceptable to the Democrats, who believe that all crime should go unpunished in the name of securing votes. (I suppose that reanimating corpses from graveyards doesn’t provide enough votes anymore, as the LORD has surely sent angels to combat the demons that infested these voting dead.)

    “Make ‘em learn English, and we’ll see a little less decapitation and cannibalism, I bet. If they can learn English.”

    Hopefully, a President Brewer would administer mandatory English classes for all illegals. Their Baalist ways will be harder to mend than by simply teaching them the language of the Bible, though.

  5. If Jan Brewer does not go out and personally headshot every Arizona Mexican along with Joe Arpaio then we cannot know if she is committed to our nation’s security and should be removed if thats the case.

    Put landmines electric fences and ghillie snipers along with the wall to guard the border. It is the only way.

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