Posted by: Objective Scrutator | July 14, 2009

The Obama Administration Capitulates To Mullahs

The Obama Administration is not only all too willing to appease the Mullahs, it seems as though they cannot even comprehend simple mathematics and morale levels. Michael Ledeen, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on Iran, should be able to convince you on why this is a bad trade:

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but the bottom line is that we are turning loose Iranian terrorists in exchange for the release of Roxana Saberi, plus, probably, three British hostages. The first payment arrived today in Tehran, to a triumphant reception. Ugh.

The terrorists in question are officers in the Iranian Quds Force, the foreign arm of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. They were captured in Irbil, Iraq, in January, 2007, as the “surge” was getting under way. A few weeks earlier, other Iranians had been arrested in Baghdad. For our military leaders, it was an open and shut case. The Iranian military officers had been involved in several operations in which Americans had been killed, and, even though they claimed “diplomatic status,” the evidence against them was thoroughly convincing. One American official who saw the documentation at the time told me “they are not just enemies; they’re criminals.”

The article goes on to state that Americans have been appeasing the Iranians like this for several years, and that Obama is more than willing to tolerate a nuclear Iran (while Britian and France cannot, Israel’s opinion needing no mention). The Swiss government, our liaison to the mullahs, is more than happy to let this trade commence.

What’s even scarier, however, is that we gave away several DOZEN terrorist for a few no-name prisoners and Miss North Dakota of 1997, who happened to be employed by the liberal media. While we should certainly attempt to rescue them if we can, they are certainly NOT worth bringing spec-ops Iranian terrorists back in to action. We all know that several dozen people are more valuable than 4, yet Osama and his useful stooge, Hitlery, do not seem to recognize this. If it was really impossible for us to recover those hostages while keeping the Iranian hostages, we should not have attempted to recover them at all.

War requires casualties. Saberi and her cohorts would have surely been happier to die for ending the Iranian regime than they would to live for the Iranian regime’s continuing motion. Unfortunately, it is now going to be that much harder for our troops and the Iranian citizens to overthrow the mullahs.


  1. I would happily sacrifice 1000000 journalists if it means we can kill a single terrorist. What good are journalists anyways?

    Thank you OS for being one of the few people along with Michael Ledeen that understands this.

  2. “I would happily sacrifice 1000000 journalists if it means we can kill a single terrorist. What good are journalists anyways?”

    I completely agree with you on this point. The only good journalists I can think of right now are Russ Douthat, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and a few others that either I’ve forgotten or don’t make enough articles (i.e. Ann Coulter) to be considered full-timers.

    “Thank you OS for being one of the few people along with Michael Ledeen that understands this.”

    Michael Ledeen is a genius in today’s world. If he scratched my car, I would not even consider repairing it.

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